White Man's Fallacy
You think an Asian woman is gonna make you happy?

Is Love Colorblind?

Steve Sailer has a thoughtful piece on interracial marriage trends, specifically the difficulties of black women and Asian men on finding spouses and the reasoning behind it.  Below is a summary:

US census data shows there is a large discrepancy between Asian female-white male couples and white female-Asian male couples (72% vs 28%) as well as white female-black male and black female-white male couples (72% vs 28%).  There is also an imbalance with interracial couples where White-Asian couples outnumber White-Black couples (72% vs 28%).  He quickly suggests that black females and Asian males should get naturally join together but  admits this specific racial mix among couples is extremely rare.

This is one of the reasons why white male-Asian female couples seem so unusually prevalent among interracial couples…it is because they are.  According to the numbers, 52% of all interracial couples are white male-Asian female.

Sailor also has a few reasonable theories about why this phenomenon occurs.

  1. Height –  Height is an important factor for women of all races. More specifically, women want to date men that are taller than them.  Asians  tend to be shorter than whites and blacks.  This limits the number of women that Asian men can appeal to but for a short Asian woman, she “finds lots of boys temptingly much taller….”
  2. Hair length –  “The ability to grow long hair is a useful indicator of youth and good health. (Ask anybody on chemotherapy.)”.  Black women’s hair does not grow as long as whites’ or Asian’s hair.  But black women have had a huge industry of weaves and extensions built around them to meet this need.
  3. Muscularity – The simple measure of body fat %  may be the clearest differentiator between the races and sexual attractiveness.

Women like men stronger than them and men like women who are rounder and softer than them.  Nuff said.

Overall I think the ideas are very interesting.  I’d like to point out that all this is about physical characteristics.  It’s great for makin’ babies but not so good for the long term relationship.  Ain’t no pain like the passive-aggressive kind.  Like water upon the rock, it’ll wear you down.  More on that later….


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