White Man's Fallacy
You think an Asian woman is gonna make you happy?


Too true.


My friend recently had a shotgun wedding with an Asian woman that concerns me. I fear that he has set himself up for some long term pain. I have expressed my doubts to him but he has gone ahead and married the woman. I can only hope the best for him and back his play. Based upon my previous experience, she’s the stereotypical shanghainese woman.


There are a lots of reasons why you see hot Asian women with dorky looking white guys in San Francisco.  Many Asians are good at math (There is also a reason why we have stereotypes, they tend to be true).  

Here’s a link,  in case you’re not familiar with Expected Value.  In short, that dorky white guy’s net worth will probably be quite high in a few years.  Of course this raises the question, what about the dorky Asian guy?


There was an interesting article in the San Jose Mercury News about how Vietnamese wives in the US hate it when their husbands go to Vietnam.  They make their husbands lives so miserable that it’s like getting a second visa.  The reason is that in Vietnam, the population skews younger and, to be blunt, Vietnamese women think Americans have money.  None of this is shocking.  My question to Vietnamese wives is, if it’s so easy to get a young, attractive women in Vietnam, why  would you treat your man  like crap?


So short. So powerful…. 🙂


There’s been a lot in the news about how Wendi Deng protected her husband, Rupert Murdoch, from a pie in the face during his testimony.  But Wendi’s past seems to be a bit murkier.  In my biased opinion, it shows a manipulative Asian women getting what she wants.

Wendi Deng met Los Angeles couple, Jake and Joyce Cherry  in China in 1987.  Cherry was already suspicious of the relationship between Jake and Wendi.  The Cherry’s sponsored Wendi to come to the US for education and she lived at their house.  The Cherrys divorced and Jake married Wendi in 1990.  Four months after the wedding, the couple Jake and Wendi split because Wendi was spending time with another man, David Wolf.  Wendi was first seen with Rupert Murdoch in 1998 acting as his interpreter when he was in Beijing and Shanghai.   By May, Rupert separated from his wife of 31 years.  Now Rupert has a wife who reads his email, checks his diets, and manages his life.

Well at least he seems happy